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SITEM is the exhibition of museums, cultural sites and tourism. It brings together the wide variety of equipment and service providers that allow the most diverse museums and cultural sites to operate at the best of their abilities. The search for higher quantities and qualities of visitors has become essential for all cultural players.
SITEM is also a place for very intense intellectual and practical exchanges of information, through its seminars and workshops. Museum activity is constantly being challenged by technological, financial, and urban developments. Fierce competition from many fronts has brought museums, and all cultural players in general, into a new larger and more demanding world.

With the introduction of tourism, a new concept came into play: surrounding space. The space around museums and cultural sites is most often that of a town: a rich and complex space that needs to be used well. The better it is used, the better the town’s overall cultural offering, beyond just the museums that have become tourist destinations in their own right.
We are therefore invited to a global vision of urban space. This is an important factor for city administrators, who know that although culture is what triggers the urban tourist’s desire to visit, the surrounding environment needs to have its own charm as well.

The smartphone is the primary tool of the urban tourist. Its many possible applications make using the city easier, even simple. All services are available: transportation, lodging, dining, entertainment and meeting the inhabitants, those friendly “greeters” who take you by the hand and make you love the city that they love. These services together illustrate the allure and the pleasure of the city: its urbanity.

The goal of the new museumexperts production is to bring together all the new players and producers of tools and services that improve urban life for touristic visitors. They offer a new pedagogy, new urban uses that make the city alluring and attractive, forming an ideal framework for adding to the value of its cultural players.
In a space comprising 400m2 of booths adjacent to the SITEM exhibition, these professionals will be able to present their know-how and innovations to the administrations and institutions in charge of the economic and cultural development of their cities and towns. Seminars and workshops will highlight the present and future areas of focus. Finally, a specific urban cultural tourism project will be featured at the center of this space.

ecityhelp fits naturally together with SITEM as it moves forward. With their combined competencies and convergences, they are using culture, tourism, and urbanity to transform cities into attractive destinations.